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“NASR Group understands the importance of providing its clients with a single point of call for all aspects of their project. This in turn allows our clients to focus on their own role and project requirements with the peace of mind that their project is being managed efficiently and will be delivered on time and on budget.”

There are a number of key roles our project management services cover to ensure we provide our clients with insightful, meaningful and relevant advice that is not only fully detailed but is also practical and within the parameters of the client’s initial brief.

These roles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Understanding the clients’ overall intention and required outcome
  • Coordination and engagement of a suitable team of consultants with experience and proven track record with projects of similar nature
  • Constant review and design input while ensuring a 360° circle of communication is maintained with all the relevant parties
  • Arranging all the relevant authority approvals including responding to any requests for additional information and/or clarification items
  • Coordinating all the relevant service provider requirements and ensuring clearances are met and are achievable
  • Tender management, evaluation and engagement of suitable contractors for the work. This includes completing all the required financial and legal checks to ensure the prospective contractor has the capacity and experience to deliver the construction component of the works
  • Managing the building contract to ensure compliance with the construction programme, budget, project documents and quality of work
  • Industrial relations and Work Health Safety & Rehabilitation (WHS&R) management
    Quality assurance audit management
  • Environmental Management
  • Handing over the project to the client free of defects and ready for occupation with all the required certification, approvals, compliances and documentation provided
  • Managing the defects liability period and ensuring a smooth transition is achieved from the project completion through to the post occupancy stages

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