NASR Group


NASR Group personnel have extensive technical experience and knowledge and are able to successfully administer all aspects of the construction process. Whether we are providing this service on our own construction projects or on behalf of a client, we bring together practical solutions and a common sense approach to ensure the contract is being correctly administered with a strong emphasis on quality, time, compliance and site safety.

Our services commence at the pre-construction stage where we provide valued input on the construction documentation while obtaining and reviewing all the relevant site specific documentation from the contractor. It is at this early stage that we are able to evaluate and negotiate a construction programme with the nominated contractor.

NASR Group then maintains a strong on-site presence throughout the construction stage which includes but it not limited to the following:

  • Conducting regular site inspection and meetings
  • Completing critical inspection checklists
  • Issuing instructions as required to the builder
  • Monitoring site specific safety systems and ensuring compliance of the same
  • Resolving detailing and documentation discrepancies and issues
  • Monitoring the quality of work
  • Reviewing and assessing any variations to the contract or requests for an extension to the contract period
  • Monitoring the construction programme and providing expertise to assist in the mitigation of lost time due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Undertaking assessment and approval of progress payments
  • Providing regular reports to the project manager and/or the client
  • Practicing dispute resolution
  • Arranging defect inspections and compile a list for rectification
  • Arranging the handover of the property
  • Arranging the required handover documentation and keying provisions
  • Ensuring a smooth handover transition period occurs with all the required information and training arranged for the client and/or the intended occupants of the property
  • Practicing dispute resolution

NASR Group also maintains an active role for the duration of the defects liability period to ensure the contractors have met all their required contractual and maintenance obligations before deeming the project to be fully complete and finalised.

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